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As a small insecure girl I had this dream to become a singer. But everyone wanted me to stop. I got comments like "With this voice, you will never ever make it" OR "You are a dancer, you will never be able to sing beautifully!". The sad thing is...I really stopped. Many years had to pass until I gathered my courage together and started singing again....seriously!! So I started singing with ZERO talent just a while ago. I kept going although I just got hate and everyone wanted me to stop...again! (You might know my singing transformation on YouTube.) Now I'm creating beautiful songs & music videos (my music). Oh, and I launched my own makeup brand veevonderland cosmetics for my fans. Here I share my singing secrets for the first time ever and my magical path how I did it in such a record time!
Everything is possible! We just need to believe in ourselves & work on ourselves! I'm here to show you how!!! Welcome to the veevonderland!