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About this course

As a person with ZERO talent Vee made it to become a successful singer within only 2 years.

When she started she wasn’t able to hit a single not, hat no feeling for the rhythm and each tones sounded horrible. Today she has her own album, thousands of fans, performs on big stages and live the life she always wanted to live.

She truly believes, that everyone can make it. After taking this class you won’t have any doubt that there’s a also world-class singer sleeping within you!

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Avoid this single mistake as a beginner and you will be a great singer sooner than later

Vocal coaches in general are good, but there are only a few out there, that can work with very beginners. Most of them are overwhelmed and impatient with beginners. In this lessons we talk about how you notice that. Because I was full of self-doubt because of the habit by my vocal coaches (And they were all the same in that case).


How to find the right vocal coach

Do you really need a vocal coach?

If you need a vocal coach? How can you find someone that can really help you achieving your goals.