This Album is The No. 1 Weapon Against
Depression & Lack Of Confidence

Stop Bullying

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"I truly believe that you can do and achieve everything you want in life, when you believe in yourself and work on yourself."

I always wanted to be a singer and to inspire millions of people with my mission & spread love, peace & positivity! 

The only problem: I had ZERO talent, ZERO money and ZERO connections who could help me with that. I started really bad.

Even my voice teacher told me: "With this voice you will never ever make it!". She took all my motivation away and I didn't sing for years!!!

But my strong desire was so big that I overcame all obstacles and now I can share with you my own new album!

This carefully selected album is here for telling you my story with all my up’s and down’s, empower you to fulfill your dreams, give you the strength not to give up and move on, too.

Now I’m grateful to have thousands of fans, performing on big stages and live the life I always dreamed about. I wanna share my story with you, because I truly believe: You can make it, too!

Love u, Vee

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Because Of You I Dance All Day

Stop Bullying

Pretty Girl

I Feel It In My Body

Magic Moments

Wanna Be Me

50 Facts About Me I

50 Facts About Me II

I Don’t Care 

Gonna Write History 

I Will Never Ever Forget

Bad Days

All Instrumentals To All Tracks

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