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My Favorite Lipgloss Right Now

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18 month ago I decided to make my dream come true and become a world-class singer. The only problem: I have ZERO talent. I don't care what the haters say because I simply enjoy every single second of this wonderful journey. Glad to see you here! veevonderland is our home we all live together.

Ana - 22. March 2019

Hi Vee, my friend told me about your vonderland and your amazing products. Just wanna say Hi! You made my friend super happy. She enjoys her products and we are both huge fans of your music. Love you

Carol - 22. March 2019

Hi Vee, can you do a full face with lip gloss and the eye products? I love them!! Can’t wait to get my bundle.

Tasha - 23. March 2019

I absolutely LIVE for the way you are doing this. Your hair looks amazing!!

Lula - 23. March 2019

Vee if you have to choose one product of the bundle which one would it be?

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