We are hiring songwriters for YouTube Music channel!

Do you want to work as a songwriter for a YouTube Music Artist?

We are a fast-paced Los Angeles based company that is shaking up the music industry with cross-industry projects (Music, Music Videos, YouTube, Cosmetics)! We have mastered many projects on YouTube (and online in general) successfully and generated millions of fans, views...you name it. We are stepping up the game and want to impact the whole universe now. We are fast, efficient, extremely motivated / passionate, and cannot wait to create the most thrilling content.

Vee is a self-made artist with empowering messages in her songs and music videos to make the world a more beautiful place. She is known for her passion, drive, very strong discipline, bold ideas and making the impossible possible. Her fans are part of the Believe-In-Yourself Community, aka veevonderland.

About the Role

Songwriters are setting the foundation for hit songs with powerful messages, emotional and/or relatable stories which are crucial for our engaging music videos. In this role, you are working closely with the music producer and turning your melodies into hit songs. You will be responsible for creating the catchiest melodies/songs on earth. You have the talent to write and are determined to improve your writing skills constantly. You'll create songs for our cross-media channels.

You'll be working with our other writers very closely to create the most brilliant cross-media storytelling for the brand (which includes besides songs highly captivating music videos and brand stories) and make the songs highly engaging. You'll get constantly feedback form the audience and the team. Convince the audience and you are the star.

Ideally, you are able to visualize & imagine stories to your songs and love bringing them to life in music videos. You have music and vocal production knowledge & skills and know production possibilities to get the most out of your songwriting. You must also be able to take criticism extremely well, and use it as a motivation to improve the quality and consistency of your skills. You're keeping up with the latest YouTube & music video trends and are able to create hooks. You are a music lover and are listening to music regularly.

To exceed our expectations, you have experience or love writing stories in general. You are familiar with YouTube analytics, Spotify & Apple Music statistics.

What you'll be doing

  • Creating catchy hit songs & melodies
  • Perfecting songs in a team with the artist & producer
  • Developing the brand's/artist's story (ongoing)
  • Making your songs a perfect fit for the music video stories along with other writers
  • Making your songs a perfect fit for the brand's/artist's story
  • Staying up to date with latest songwriting techniques constantly
  • Caring and being responsible for all Streaming Services
  • Working closely with Streaming Services' analytics
  • Working closely with the entire team to improve songs & storytelling constantly
  • Researching viral song ideas and use them as an inspiration to create your own viral songs
  • You'll get feedback constantly and must use it to improve the next song


  • Create catchy melodies/songs is easy for you
  • Have a constant high song output
  • Overcome writers block easily (You can make use of writing techniques & technology to overcome it)
  • Team player: Must be able to work in our team
  • Love music
  • Be always open to improve the same song multiple times
  • Versatility in different genres is a must (Pop, K-Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Lo-Fi...)
  • If having no writing experience but talent, then learning & growing fast is a must from day 1 on
  • You are hungry to learn and grow
  • Teach yourself new skills and grow your abilities
  • Work on your own very well
  • Meet tight Deadlines
  • Work independently and be reliable in updating our company project management system
  • Share your work with your team often
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with team members & executives
  • Be proactive in searching for solutions rather than focusing on problems
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • No prior job experience required but music & songwriting has ever played and plays a big role in your life

What you'll get, Benefits & Perks:

  • Working Remote. If you are in Los Angeles you can write/collab in our studio.
  • This is a HIGH BONUS opportunity. Your bonus can exceed your Base Payment!
  • Base Payment of 2,000 USD per month
  • 30 hours/week (Yes! 30 not 40).
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Future oriented and forward thinking team
  • Working on the future and make a lasting impact in the world

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