I'm doing my "I don't care" MakeUp

The best products I've ever used for my Makeup

Hey guys,

I'm Vee. I love to sing songs, travel the world performing shows and getting my makeup done til perfection every single day.

Yes, every single day a perfect Makeup.

This is what I have today.

And this is what I was always dreaming about.

On this site I want to share with you my favorite products.

And I can already promise: It's not what you expect. Because I discovered some very exclusive brands, no many people are talking about.

And that for the simple reason that I don't get paid by any brand. And I never wanna get paid buy any brand. I wanna share my honest opinion with my fans!

But let me share you my story

Only 18 month ago I decided to make my dream come true to become a world-class singer. The only problem: I had ZERO talent!

But I was determined enough to follow my dreams. I moved to Los Angeles an no matter what people said, I just kept going.

Today I have my own album, thousands of fans, travel the world performing shows and even have my own cosmetic store.

I had my breakthrough with my song "I don't care".

And on this site I share the excact products with you, that I used for the production of this song. I love these products and also use them in my everyday life.

They are so flexibel, easy and fun to use. It's nothing less than amazing!

I love it. Oh... and I loooooooooveee the colors!!!

They are beautiful! I love all this purple-ish, glitter and shimmery...

Be careful!

One important thing information.

As always when there are good products, there are many cheap imitations.

My guarantee:

I get the products immediately from the brand factory. No middleman or wholeseller between my shop and the original brand.

This way I can guarantee that you only get 100% high quality products.

And I'm serious about that!

That's why I'm offering a 100% Money-back-guarantee!

So, if you, for any reason, are not 100% satisfied with your products, you get a full refund of your order. No matter if you used them or not. I want my fans to be as happy as I am!

Of course the voice and great songs are important, but I suppose I would habe never made it, when I didn't had this amazing Makeup.

I'm so happy that I discovered Qibest!

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My favorite products

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I'm not getting paid by any brand

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