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Discover the secrets how you can become an amazing and famous singer - even when you don’t have any talent.

You can get thousands of fans cheer when you sing and can’t wait that you release your next album and go on tour.

Watch this video to see how a day in my life looks like today.

Just a few months ago I wasn't able to hit a single note...

Go on reading to see how I became the artist I am today!

Discover your hidden talent

Yes, there's a singer inside you!

You CAN be an artist millions of people admire and truly love.

You are closer than you think to be a famous artist who gets new clothes sent by brands every day.

You get ready every morning by your own dedicated team of stylists who care about you and your beauty routine.

Imagine that you look gorgeous every single day. You can start your morning relaxed and get ready for another exciting day.

You enjoy your relaxed breakfast before you start doing all the exciting stuff.

You can be a singer full of proud and confidence who is an idol for thousands of fans.

And artist who inspires people all-around the world.

Your day can soon be like this:

  • You get up in the morning at a time that you choose.

  • Most of the times you prefer to get up early because you know that the day will be full of exciting things.

  • You start your day relaxed with a wonderful breakfast.

  • Maybe you do some exercise, yoga, meditation or whatever you like.

  • After your morning routine your stylists are already waiting for you to care about you. Care about you skin, Makeup, hair and nails. So that you are ready to start your exiting day.

  • The following things vary from day to day. Because it depends on what you are doing. Are on tour? Recording your next album? Having an amazing photo or video shoot? Doing important interviews? Be invited by a TV show? Co-hosting the next upcoming casting show as a juror? Practicing with your vocal coach to improve your voice? Or working on some new cool dance moves together with your choreograph? It's up to you!

You can have thousands of fans or even more.

It depends on how famous you really want to be and if you still wanna enjoy some privacy.

Stop dreaming!

It is really possible for you.

It’s even possible for you to achieve that very fast (in just a couple of month). BUT...

...the beginning is really hard work.

If you are not ready todo this work, you should leave this site now.

I’m serious…

If you don’t wanna put the work into this, that is necessary, you really shouldn’t go on reading and wast your time on that.

BUT, if YOU ARE READY to do this work, you will be more than rewarded with a lifestyle most people will ever dream about.

Now, 2019 is the best time to start this amazing adventure. It was never better than today to start being a famous singer and will soon be not as good as it’s right now.

Today’s is the time that you can get a manager who is really working for you and not that you have to work for him.

Some stars are still stuck in contracts where they need to to what their manager is telling them.

But who’s telling you this?

Hey I’m Vee,

I started singing only 18 month ago. And I had ZERO talent. Yes, ZERO! I was not able to hit a single note.

I wasn’t able to sing a song from beginning to end.

I was living in Germany together with my boyfriend and had a pretty usual life.

I was working for a company in an office, spend a lot of time to get ready in the morning and never looked as good as I wanted to look.

I was always wondering what’s missing. Why did the all the big stars look so much better than I did?

And I wanted to be able to sing so badly.

I wanted to be a singer and inspire people with my music.

I was always dreaming about the wonderful life all the great singer have.

But I never thought that it could be possible for me to be the persons I always wanted to be.

I was more than far away of believing that also I could make it big.

I thought:

  • I don’t have the talent to be a singer

  • My voice is not good enough to complete with all the great singer.

  • I do not look good enough to be a famous singer.

  • I’m too fat.

  • How would I get fans when even my best friends don’t like when I start to sing a few phrases.

  • I don’t have the money to always have the latest clothes to buy

  • I don’t have the money to get all the people working for me

  • I never had the CONFIDENCE to believe that I can make it

My plan was something complete different

Before I started to sing, I had complete different things in mind to do.

The things I was planning to do for the next years wer more like:

  • Visiting some nice places in the world as soon as I saved enough money.

  • Getting a better position in my job to earn more money

  • Caring about people who are important to me

  • Visiting a weekly yoga class

  • And so on...

But then one day….

Although I had a nice life, a lovely boyfriend and a beautiful place to live

I wasn’t happy.

I felt empty.

I felt that something is missing.

The crazy thing is I had everything that should've made me happy, but I wasn't.

And then one day I was scrolling through my instagram I found these quotes by Walt Disney…

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”

And I don’t know where the courage came from, but I suddenly felt that it’s true.

That I should try the impossible.

That I can make it.

That I can become the singer I always wanted to be.

Beautiful, famous and with all the adventure that come with it.

So I took the decision to start immediately working on to make my dream come true.

Imagine how your life would change if you would be a famous singer

Imagine a time where you can really do whatever you want,

whenever you want and wherever you want.

That you could truly live your life to the fullest.

Imagine that you could travel the world performing shows.

Or discover the nicest places in the world for a music video shoot.

Be surrounded by so many lovely people while posing for photoshoots.

Getting new things to wear all the time. And even getting them made just for you.

Imagine that you have a team full of lovely people that you could choose by yourself.

A world that you can create exactly the way you want.

I know what you are thinking right now...

This seems to good to be true.

So let me tell you how I did it

So here we are.

I’ve accomplished all my crazy goals I set only a few month ago.

Today I live the wonderful live I’ve always dreamed about.

At the beginning I took the decision and I knew what I wanted,

but I had absolut no idea how to get there.

So tried to find someone who could help me to get there. I knew 2 things about it.

  1. This shouldn’t be a vocal coach. Because all the vocal coaches I had when I had a few lessons as a child told me that I will never be able to sing. Also they seemed to be unhappy that they had to teach. They would rather be successful as a singer as well. But they were not. So why to learn from someone who doesn’t support your goal...
  2. It should be someone who knows, how to be successful and is really successful in his or her area.

After spending days of research and making hundreds of phone calls I got the contact from a manager.

A manager that made many many stars famous.

I talked to him and he was ready to work with me.

The only problem was, he was located in Los Angeles Hollywood.

So I talked to my boyfriend and only a few days later we took all our savings and were on the way to Hollywood!

Arrived in Hollywood I met the manager and we worked out a plan to make all this happen.

That was an important step to take and an important lessons to learn because

The manager took all the money I gave him and…

....didn’t deliver what he promised.

Yes, from one day to another he stop to answer my phone calls, ignored all my email and I haven’t heard back from until today.

That was hard.

That was really really heard.

I don’t wanna talk about how much money that was.

But what I can say is that it was more money than what I made in a whole year before.

That was one of the situations, when I was crying and I was about to give up.

But luckily, I had my favorite quotes from Walt Disney always on my dairy:

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”

It took some time, but I started seeing this as an adventure.

I realized that although the manager didn’t deliver what he promised, I was one step closer to my goal!!

Do you know why?

Because we worked out this PLAN!!!

Easier than I ever thought

Although I was really disappointed by this guy, I realized that there was more magic in this plan than I thought.

There were some hidden secrets about the music industry. Some crazy facts how the business works. That seemed to be pretty interesting.

Everything seemed to be much easier than I ever thought it is.

It seems to be possible in much less time than I ever thought it is neccessary.

This plane showed me that even the biggest stars are like you and me and that they had the same issues like you and me.

One secret

The biggest secret I wanna share with you today is that

it takes much much less time than you think WHEN (and this is important),

you just do it and don’t overthink everything.

Too often we spend too much time with thinking if we should do something or not.

Too often we have thoughts like

“Should I try it or not?"

"What would others think about me?"

“What if I spend all the money and it doesn’t work out?"

"What if my family doesn’t want to support this?"


"Should I release this song now or should we still change something."

"Should I record it again?"

"Is is good enough?”

“Am I good enough?"

"How should I talk to my boyfriend about this idea.”

“What if he doesn’t like that?”

“I know that he doesn’t like it. What should I do now?"

All these questions take more effort and time than just doing things.

I know this sounds crazy and and is easier said than done.

To be honest I’m still struggling with this issue by myself.

But I learned a lot to overcome all these thoughts and worries.

And I’m getting better and better on this every single day.

I’m still working on that and the good thing about is that it’s fun!

More secrets

But of course there are more secrets.

More things that are much easier to follow.

The story didn’t end there.

When I look back now, it sounds to me like it were so many things that it must have taken about 10 years or so.

But I experience it all in less than a year.

So it’s really not that much to do when you think about it...

But long story short:

Within a few month my life changed.

Today I live the live I always wanted to live.

I have my own album, thousands of fans, performing on big stages and travel the world performing shows.

I have photo- videoshoots and interviews for magazines on a daily basis.

I live in Los Angeles Hollywood and still have enough time to spend with family and friends.

I enjoy my relaxed morning routine.

I have a lovely boyfriend who is also an artist.

And as you can see, I still have the time to write articles like this one.

It’s important for me to be in touch with my fans.

How you can make it too

I’m happy and fortunate enough to be in this situation.

As I’m here I wanna give something back and share all the things that made me successful with you guys!

I know, this is something artist usually don’t do. They are probably not allowed to do that by their label.

I’m happy to have good contracts and can decide 100% what I wanna do and what I don’t.

I want to make it easier for you so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

You don’t have to take the risk I did.

Today I know what’s working and what’s not.

Don’t forget, when I started I knew nothing.

I didn’t know where to start, what to do and how to do it.

I created something special.

Something that is really unique!

Something that I wish that I would have had, when I started.

Let me share one more thing with you

Before I'll show you what it is, I have one more thing to share..

The most important thing I've ever done was to take the decision to make my dream come true.

It was the decision to start, to take immediately action.

And this is what I recommend now.

Say YES to your journey to become the singer you want to be.

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