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Get to know some of the best Makeup products in the world

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Careful selected products for the ultimate glitter. Discover the shades and formulas that make these products so special.

First of all, I don't get paid by the brand for using their products and sharing my opinion with you guys.

This is my real opinion and these are the products I'm using most of the time for myself. No matter if I'm getting ready for the stage or in my everyday life. (Yes, they are really that flexible!!)

For me these are the best products I've ever tried. They are really amazing!

But don't just take my word. Read what others are saying below on this site!

5+1 Amazing Products

1: The Gloss

(Retail price $38)

2: The Highlighter

(Retail price $28)

3: Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner

(Retail price $32)

4: Chromatic Liquid Eyeliner

(Retail price $30)

5: Fantasy Diamond Eye Glitter Cream 

(Retail price $32)

Bonus FOR FREE: Magic Moment Lipstick

(Retail price $38)

Try before you buy
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Everyone wants to try their products before they buy.

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You get:

  • 5+1 amazing products (worth $198)
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+ you are backed up by the 100% Money-Back-Guarantee.

When you go to my shop website, you will see that the discounted price for this bundle is $97 (incl. shipping & veevonderland shipping box). 

This is a really good price (only around $12 per product).

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The promotional offer for a limited time

When you visit my official online shop, you see that you would need to pay the regular prices for the single products. Even the bundle offer is by far not as good as this one:

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Please note that this is a limited promotional offer to promote the brand.

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Try it now for just $1!

Yes Vee, I would like to save and take one of your early bird special 60% OFF discounted Makeup bundles instead of $198 for just $1 today. (FREE Shipping incl.). I know that I have 30 days to test the products and to decide if I want to keep them. If I keep them, I pay 3 easy monthly installments of $33 each.

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Regular price: 198,-Dollar

Today just a single payment of $1!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

And here is my satisfaction guarantee: You don't have to decide today!

There are 30 days left for your final decision.

If you are for any reason not 100% satisfied with my products you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. You even get the first buck you paid back!
All you have to do is to send me a short email that you want to make use of this guarantee and I will send you more information on how to return the products. You will get your money 100% back. No questions asked!

Check out the refund policy for more information.

I have much rather a customer less than an unsatisfied one.

What others are saying

For me as a model it is really hard to find different products that work for me and that make my eyes look good, but with this they're poppin' - I love it!

The fantasy diamond glitter cream is creamy, it is pigmented and it is so much of a Fantasy Diamond!! This looks amazing! You guys can see how creamy it is, how pigmented. It's literally a pod of gold. It's just perfectly solid, it's gorgeous. 

I hope you guys give it a try, because honestly this is the best I've ever felt with Makeup on.

Emily K.


I keep forgetting that I have Makeup on. Walking by a mirror is a huge shock every time. These products are absolutely incredible.  Vee's Makeup line is super fun, it is super high quality. I highly recommend it. You guys, check it out. Vee knows what she is doing.

Celia R.


This Makup is really nice. It's super light. Even tough it looks light a heavy Makeup, it's so nice, it feels as if you don't have anything on basically. This a so good for a night out or if you go to a festival. This is really good like a mystical type of Makeup. I really recommend it.

Michelle T.

Actress & Model

Try it now for just $1!

Yes Vee, I would like to save and take one of your early bird special 60% OFF discounted Makeup bundles instead of $198 for just $1 today. (FREE Shipping & FREE LIPSTICK incl.).

Click the purple "Ordner Now!" button below and pay just $1 Dollar today. If you like the products and want to keep them, you pay in 3 easy monthly installments of $33 Dollar each.

Regular price: 198,-Dollar

Today just a single payment of $1!

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