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The NEW veevonderland Glitter Cream

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First of all, I don't get paid by the brand for using these products and sharing my opinion with you guys.

This is my real opinion and these are the products I'm using most of the time for myself. No matter if I'm getting ready for the stage or in my everyday life. (Yes, they are really that flexible!!)

For me these are the best products I've ever tried. They are really amazing!

But don't just take my word. Read what others are saying down below!

The Fantasy Diamond Eye Glitter Cream 

(Regular price per unit $32)

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BFF special 60% OFF

You get:

  • 2 x Fantasy Diamond Eye Glitter Cream (worth $64)
  • FREE Shipping (worth $8)
  • The beautiful veevonderland shipping box (worth $12)

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When you order today you pay one and get one for free.

One for you and one for your BFF! So that you can share the joy of using this wonderful product.

Plus you get 60% OFF!

Yes, really!

The Limited Edition

When you visit my official online shop, you see that you would need to pay the regular prices for the single products ($64 + Shipping $8). 

So here is the veevonderland promotional offer. It's available only on this site and only for a limited time.

Please note: This is a limited promotional offer to promote the brand.

It can be gone tomorrow or even later today!

Just $25 for a Limited Time Only!

Yes Vee, I want to save and take one of your BFF Special 60% OFF discounted Makeup bundles instead of $72 for just $25 today. (FREE Shipping incl.).

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$72,-  Today just $25!

Tax included.

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