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A careful selected range of luxury cometic products. From exclusive 24k Gold skin care to to a beautiful must-have lipstick bundle with the 5 best shades.

Discover the shades and formulas that make these products so special.

First of all, I don't get paid by the brand for using their products and to share my opinion with you guys.

This is my real opinion and these are the products I'm using for myself. Skin care, mascara, brows, foundation & lips. This is a huge deal!

For me these are the best products I've ever tried. They are really amazing!

But don't just take my word. Read what others are saying below on this site!

11 Luxurious Products

1: 24K Gold Skin Care Serum

Extreme Anti-Aging!

Reduce significantly the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness with this exclusive moisturizing Serum.
Rejuvenates & infuses skin with collagen for a glowing, vibrant and radiant skin. Keeps the skin young & beautiful.
After a long day with your makeup on give love to your skin with the best moisturizing Serum.
Makeup goes on more evenly and lasts extra-long!

(Retail price $89)

2: Trio Lash Set (Mascara + Glue + Eyelashes)

More attractive eyes in just one single step!
3D Faux Mink for naturally full looking Eyelashes with high quality fibre!
Instantly fuller lashes. Nobody could tell that you have them on!

Very easy application!
Bonus: Exclusive high-quality mascara for fuller & longer eyelashes for the days without extra lashes.

(Retail price $49)

3: Perfect Brow Pencil

Fuller & defined eyebrows for a perfect frame of the face!
If a natural or bold look...you decide how you want to wear your eyebrows!
Very easy to use with spoolie end to blend in perfectly.
Shade medium brown for all skin types.

(Retail price $24)

4: Long Lasting Liquid Makeup Foundation

Best Nourishing Ultra-Long Wear Foundation with a poreless finish!
Natural and perfect finish. Camouflages any type of breakouts, discoloration and redness!

Extra moisturizing and nourishing formula with Vitamin E, Algae & Pearl Powder.

Wears like a second skin as if you have nothing on!
Shade Medium for all skin types.

(Retail price $54)

5: 5 Piece Exclusive Lipstick Set (Full Size) 

Very long-lasting Velvet Matte Lipsticks with nourishing formula with Vitamin E for plumper lips!
Smoothe, hydrate & plump the lips without any tight feeling.
Includes Signature Limited Edition Lipstick!

(Retail price $190)

Here is what you get

You get:

  • 24K Gold Skin Care Serum (worth $89)
  • Trio Lash Set (Mascara + Glue + Eyelashes) (worth $49)
  • Perfect Brow Pencil (worth $24)
  • Long Lasting Makeup Foundation (worth $54)
  • 5 Piece Exclusive Lipstick Set (worth $190)
  • FREE Shipping (worth $9)
  • The beautiful veevonderland shipping box (worth $12)

Altogether worth $427

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What others are saying

For me as a model it is really hard to find a foundation that fits to my skin and stays all day long. I’m so glad I purchased this Luxury Makeup Bundle and found this foundation!! I have flawless skin with it and it stays like forever. I have worn it 4 days in a row and it didn’t let me down a single day. I love this and will definitely purchase when I run out. I hope you guys give it a try, because honestly this is the best I've ever felt with Makeup on.

Emily K.


I keep forgetting that I have Makeup on. Walking by a mirror is a huge shock every time. These products are absolutely incredible.  Vee's Makeup line is super fun, it is super high quality. I highly recommend it. You guys, check it out. Vee knows what she is doing.

Celia R.


This amazing 24k Serum works like magic. It literally transformed my skin! Especially after a long day with makeup on next morning my skin looks super refreshed, smooth and beautiful. I love all these products so much and I’m happy I found this bundle. I really recommend it.

P.S.: The lipsticks are super smooth and super long-lasting !!

Michelle T.

Actress & Model

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Careful selected luxury cosmetic products

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